Met deze site wil ik mij presenteren als straatfotograaf. Straatfotografie is mijn passie omdat het om mensen gaat, eigenlijk ben ik dus meer een mensen fotograaf.

With this website I would like to give an impression of my current skills as a photographer. I use the word ‘current’ to emphasize that I am still undergoing a fascinating and constant search to myself as a photographer in this world. At this moment, it is already clear to me that I prefer photographing other people above all else. Therefore I can really recognize myself in the following quote of Henri Cartier-Bresson: “Photography is nothing. It’s life that interests me.”

Overall, Cartier-Bresson serves as a source of inspiration for me. He was the immediate cause of the French expression: “Le moment décisif”, the decisive moment. He was especially skilled in capturing (all) things in ordinary life, in such a way that they would pass into eternity. This is what I try to pursue in a humble fashion.

Nevertheless is the photographer Ed van der Elsken my greatest example. By viewing his photos I started with (my) street photography.